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Fix iTunes for Not Detecting iPhone iPad iPod!(WINDOWS)

in this video I'll show you How to Fix iPhone iPad iPod Not Detecting on iTunes!  iphone,itunes,ipod touch iphone not detected,windows itunes not detecting,bootcamp itunes not detecting,iphone not showing up IPad (Gadget),ITunes (Software),IPhone (Mobile Phone),IPod (Portable Media Player),Mac OS (Operating System),How-to (Media Genre),IPad Mini (Computer),saf3al2a,IPad 3 (Gadget),Ipod,Safaa AL-Hayali,Touch,Apple,IPod Touch (Product Line),IOS (Software),IPod Nano (Product Line),Tutorial (Industry),ICloud (Software)

How to Fix "Unable to start the virtual device" in Genymotion Android Emulator

in this video tutorial I'm gonna show how to fix "Unable to start the virtual device." "VirtualBox cannot start the virtual device." genymotion,Unable to start the virtual device,Safaa AL-Hayali,developers area Virtual Device,saf3al2a,Android Studio,VirtualBox cannot start the virtual device

How to Install PlayStore(GoogleApps - GAPPS) on Genymotion

in this video I will show you how to install google apps(Gapps) on Genymotion  Download links: ▼ Google Apps : ▼ ▼ Droid info: genymotion,emulator,google play (video game distribution system),Genymotion,install,saf3al2a android,on pc,Android (Operating System),Software (Industry),Google Apps (Literature Subject),Safaa AL-Hayali,How-to (Website Category),playstore,android games,computer,mac

Transfer files [videos | pdf | music | movies] from PC | Mac to iPhone, iPad without iTunes

Transfer files[ videos | pdf | music | movies ] from PC | Mac to iPhone, iPad without iTunes transfer,videos,pc,iPhone,iTunes,transfer videos movies from pc to iPhone without itunes,saf3al2a,Safaa Al-Hayali,transfer files from PC or Mac,to,iPhone or iPad,without iTunes!,2017

Top 10 Full HD Games for Android [2016 - 2017]

TOP 10 BEST FULL HD GAMES for Android Devices 2016-2017 find out the best high graphics android games, also don't forget to give your opinion about your favorite HD games for android devices: #10 : Don't Starve: Pocket Edition : #9 : This War of Mine : #8 : Castle of Illusion : #7 : The Dark Knight Rises : #6 : Need for Speed™ Most Wanted : #5 : Leo's Fortune : #4 : LIMBO : #3 : The Room Three : #2 : Lara Croft GO : #1 : Monument Valley : thanks for watching, have a nice day. Top 10,Full HD,Games,for Android,2016,2017,Best HD android games,Don't Starve: Pocket Edition,This War of Mine,Castle of Illusion,The Dark Knight Rises,Need for Speed™ Most Wanted,Leo's Fortune,LIMBO,The Room Three,Lara Croft GO,Monument Valley